The Top 5 Most Informative Books On Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disorder that can be very debilitating. If you are suffering from it or if you know of someone afflicted with it, then you are familiar of the discomfort that it can bring. There are countless books that were written about epilepsy, but here are the top 5 that I would recommend reading if you’re looking for more information.


1) Epilepsy 101: The Ultimate Guide for Patients and Families by the National Epilepsy Educational Alliance

This is a very comprehensive book written by the leading epilepsy experts in the United States. It reaches out to patients and families and teaches them about how to deal with the disorder. It covers everything, from diagnosis of the disease to treatment options. If you’re only going to read one book on the subject, make it this one.

2) Epilepsy: Patient and Family Guide by Dr. Orrin Devinsky

Very informative and easy to understand, this book is a great resource and provides advice based on real life experiences from those who have epilepsy.

3) Treating Epilepsy Naturally: A Guide to Alternative and Adjunct Therapies by Patricia Murphy

The author of this book actually suffers from the disorder so she has first-hand experience on how to effectively deal with it. In her book, Murphy provides a list of options for patients who don’t want to use common drugs for their treatments.

4) Teagan’s Story: Her Battle with Epilepsy by Talia Jager

This is a work of fiction but it’s a beautifully written story that revolves around a young woman battling the disorder. Young people suffering from the disorder can learn a lot of lessons from this book.

5) Mommy, I Feel Funny! A Child’s Experience with Epilepsy by Danielle Rocheford and Chris Herrick

If you have a child with epilepsy, this simple children’s book is a great tool for making her or him understand what he/she is going through.

There you go! If you are looking for the top books on epilepsy, the titles discussed above are the ones I recommend and that you should consider purchasing.

Have a book that you think should be on this list? Send me an email with the the title and I’ll check it out!