Bodybuilding Workout Schedule

Bodybuilding Workout Schedule I have experimented with many different workout plans. I have tried everything from working a single muscle group during each workout to working my whole body every single workout.

I have identified the proper way to cycle your workouts to ensure maximum muscle building results.

Why Muscles Grow

When the muscles in the human body are broken down by intense physical activity in the form of weight training, the body recognizes this stress as an undesirable condition.

Consequently, the body responds by sending nutrients to the muscles that were broken down to help them to quickly recover and to also build them up so that the same stress will not be as “damaging” or stressful in the future.

This is a very basic explanation of how weight training works to build the muscles in the body.

This also explains why it is important for you to feed your body with the proper nutrition to make sure that your muscles have a sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates to maximize muscle growth and minimize fat.
More Workouts Do Not Always Equal More Muscle

When it comes to bodybuilding, more weight training is not always better.

While the body is very good at supplying your muscles with the nutrients needed to recover from your workouts, there is a point at which the body can no longer keep up with the stress you are putting on it.

When this happens, your body will use the nutrients that should be going to your muscles for growth to sustain other vital functions instead.

I call this the over-stressed condition.


How to Use Your Bodybuilding Workout Schedule to Maximize Muscle Growth

There are two ways to avoid reaching the point that your body is over-stressed and maximize your muscle building potential:

  1. Provide your body with adequate nourishment by following a nutrition plan that is consistent with your bodybuilding goals.
  2. Give your muscles enough time to recover from the stresses placed on your muscles during weight training.

Many bodybuilders would see their results increase dramatically just by implementing these two principles.

Unfortunately, most of them have no idea that they are depriving their body of much needed nutrition and rest, which is hindering their progress.

Intense workouts 7 days a week will not maximize your muscle growth. The formula for success includes the right bodybuilding nutrition plan along with giving your body sufficient time to recover from your workouts.

Just by knowing and following these 2 principles, you will be ahead of 95% of those spending countless hours and dollars to improve their physiques.

All of my bodybuilding workout schedules ensure that you are giving your body enough rest to prevent becoming overstressed.

Not to worry, I cover effective nutrition principles on another page within this website.
Choosing the Right Workout Schedule

When it comes to choosing the bodybuilding workout schedule that is right for you, the most important aspect to consider is the amount of time you are willing to devote to your bodybuilding program.

Choosing the bodybuilding exercises you should perform is also important, but I have already provided you with the most effective muscle building exercises for each muscle group in the body.

I have provided 3 different workout schedules below based on the number of days per week you are willing to commit to weight training.

3 days is the minimum number of days per week that you must workout in order to provide your muscles with sufficient stimulation to promote new muscle growth.

It is for this reason that I do not offer a workout schedule for any less than 3 days.

In order to avoid over-stressing the body, it is imperative that you give your body at least 2 full days of rest from weight training.

Performing cardiovascular fitness exercise on your rest days is perfectly fine. Just be sure to stay away from the weights for at least 2 full days every week to avoid over-stressing your body which will prevent muscle growth.

In order to prevent over-stressing your body, I do not offer a bodybuilding workout schedule for any more than 5 days of weight training per week.
Bodybuilding Workout Schedule Options

After considering the number of days per week you are willing to devote to weight training, you can locate your weekly bodybuilding workout schedule below.

I list the exercises to perform on each weight workout day below based on the number of days per week you are able to devote to weight training.